Mercury opposite Jupiter – vacillating and wavering dispositions

Jupiter opposition Mercury

Mercury opposite Jupiter will happen on 23th May, 2018 at 05:53:41 UT (01:53:41 EDT).

’Mercury opposite Jupiter gives  a  vacillating  and  wavering  disposition  so that  the  person  cannot  make  up  his  mind  when more  than  one  course  of  action  is  open,  hence people   with   these   aspects   often   lose   their opportunities  through  procrastination  and  lack of judgment, and must therefore often be classed as failures in life. They are liable to scandal and slander  because  of  treacherous  associates.  They should not travel, for it will bring them loss and trouble.  They  should  also  be  extremely  careful in   making   contracts   or   agreements   to   do   or deliver  certain  things  at  a  specified  time,  for they   will   probably   be   unable   to   fulfill   the requirements   and   thus   trouble   and   loss   will result.’ (M. Heindel)

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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Aries Mercury Opposite Libra Jupiter – the mythologem of the ’Lonely Enforcer’

Mercury opposite Jupiter will happen on March 24th, 2017 at 12:45:13 UT (08:45:13 EDT). Mercury is staying in tropical Aries, sidereal annd constellational Pisces, while Jupiter in tropical Libra, sidereal and constellational Virgo.

Aries Mercury opposite Libra Jupiter evokes the famous topos of the Wild West, the ’Lonely Hero’ or ’Enforcer’ who is a fearless and hard-boiled character, often involved in vengeance plots. Once in the past he had suffered certain injuries and hereby confronted the worldly unfairness. He is closely attached to the principles of the morality and the justice (Libra Jupiter), but at the same time he knows he is the only man having the guts (Aries Mercury) to re-establish the damaged ‘world order’.  The best-known figure of this type is ’Harmonica’ (Charles Bronson) in the unequalled ’spaghetti’ western movie called ’Once Upon a Time in the West’ (1968).