Plane crash: more than 100 dead – the astrological facts

More than 100 people were killed after Boeing 737, a domestic passenger plane, crashed on Friday. The plane with 105 passengers,  including five children and nine crew members, was travelling from Havana to Holguin when it came down shortly after takeoff. Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel said there were three survivors, all women, who are at present in critical condition, reported news agency Reuters. Rescue operations are underway at the site; the fire has been put out and authorities are trying to identify the bodies.

Plane crash Boeing Cuba 2018 may

Mars just entered tropical Aquarius, one day after the Uranus’ingress into tropical Taurus, forming an exact square, this astrological disposition manifested an analogical ’mundane’ event almost at once. But you can see, in such a case, not only the tropical frame, but the constellational one is quite important, look at zoomable chartwheel and view that Mercury reached the fixed star called ’Hamal’ (the brightest and most violent one in Aries constellation), close to the M.C. of this event, while Sun still stays in conjunction with the dreadful ’Algol’ and North Node is immersed in Beehive Cluster (centre of the Cancer constellation), near the Asc. of this tragic incident.


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