Sun Square Neptune 2018 – shapeless or contourless self-experiences

Sun square Neptune

Sun square Neptune will occur on June 7th, 2018, at 01:57:41 EDT (05:57:41 UT).

Sun square Neptune may open the door to perceive the commonly invisible ’occult worlds’ but almost always with undesirable elements; the subtle beings and forces of the ’lower realms’ here are ready to invade the consciousness, mainly if Mercury is also strongly afflicted. The natives with this aspect may find pleasure in spiritualistic seances, deceits, insatiable consumption of alcohol, using drugs, telling lies – in short, all means are admissible which can induce for them shapeless or contourless self-experiences. Therefore, they can be fanatics of the UFO researches, the most absurd conspiracy teories or can be live in parallel worlds created by their own imaginations.

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sun square Neptune


Sun square Neptune happened on  November 30th, 2016 at 20:17 EST (12.01.2016, 01:17 UT).

A Pisces-Neptune is very powerful, but the Sagittarius-Sun, as it is too ’fiery’, offers resistance to these bluring and dimming tendencies, to a certain extent. As the natives with afflicted Sagittarius-Sun are often full of themselves, their motivation is something like that: ’I use drugs, I booze, chain smoke, I tell lies… because I can. I take no orders from anyone.’

Famous people with Sagittarius-Sun square Pisces-Neptune: Giacomo Puccini (1858 – 1924) Italian opera composer – He was a chain smoker of cigarettes and the renowned Toscano cigars. Puccini had frequent affairs, thus his marriage was troubled by many infidelities (because he could); Francis Thompson (1859 – 1907) English poet – In his youth, he became addicted to opium (he first had taken that as medicine for ill health), thus had often visions which are fundamental in his poetry.

At the same time, Sun will be in conjunction with the fixed star ’Antares’ (the ’Heart of the Scorpion), within 1 degree of orb. By V. Robson, it indicates ’…pretended religion, insincere, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered, fevers and sickness, injuries to the right eye, violent death. If Sun conjunct Antares is rising or culminating, great honor through violence attended by difficulties and casualties. If with Mars also, pestilential disease.’

Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury enters tropical Sagittarius on November 12th, 2016 at 09:39:28 EST (14:39:28 UT). Mercury in Sagittarius is ’theoretically’ in detriment, but experience has taught us that, if well-aspected, it gives an exceedingly noble mind of a religious and/or philosophical turn. It always confines itself within the boundaries of law and order and people with Mercury in this position are therefore greatly respected in the community. Mercury in Sagittarius often ’makes’ the person fond of travel to see the sights and scenery of nature and to investigate the customs of strange people. He/she is also fond of traditions, antiquities, animals and pets. When Sagittarius-Mercury is afflicted it ’inclines’ to lawlessness, dishonesty, sophism and a twisted character. Famous people with Sagittarius-Mercury and Scorpio-Sun: Martin Luther, Voltaire, Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky, Marie Curie, Auguste Rodin, Indira Gandhi, Albert Camus, René Guénon, Burt Lancaster, Robert F. Kennedy. >> More Info

Sun sextile Pluto

Sun sextile Pluto

Sun sextile Pluto (becoming exact on November 7th, at 03:24:50 EST) indicates an explicit individualism and thirst for power; a strong character who despises any trivialities and faint-hearted submissions, but he/she tries to break down taboos and hypocrisy generally in constructive way. Psychological insight, but often cold-bloodedness; perseverance and an inner force endeavoring to achieve great things, especially if they seem out of reach or lost.

In case of ’Scorpio-Sun’, extraordinary intuition, imagination and strong libido appear, but even with a sextile to Pluto, the native sometimes likes to ‘fish in troubled waters’ and not averse to retaliate. >> More Info

Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus enters tropical Sagittarius on 18th October, 2016, at 03:00:38 EDT /07:00:38 UT/. Venus in Sagittarius has a strong position, and of course, her qualities blend with those of Jupiter. Therefore this position indicates a genial and optimistic disposition, a sympathetic, kind and generous heart (who, if needed, can persistenty fight for his/her ideals), a love of God expressed in religious devotion, or love of man shown by philanthropy and charity. It often indicates a refined mind, a cultured person who likes drama, art, music, folklore and antiquities. It fosters the imagination and intuition and like the other double-bodies signs (Gemini and Pisces), it inclines to plurality of relationships and marriages. If Sagittarius-Venus is strongly afflicted, pride, self-importance and touchiness may appear. >> More Info

It’s the right time to find Uranus with the naked eye…

Sun Uranus opposition

During these days, the first trans-Saturnian planet, Uranus, approaches more and more its opposition in the constellationial and sidereal Pisces, i.e. in the tropical Aries (see zoomable chart). The exact Sun-Uranus opposition will happen on 15 October, 2016, at 10:43:03 UT (06:43:03 EDT). Therefore, Uranus is best placed for the naked-eye observation within this current period of some weeks. Yes, with the naked eye, since Uranus is a naked-eye-planet, even if most astrologers don’t know this evidence. If there won’t be any clouds and light pollution, on a very dark, clear night, around midnight, just locate the pretty faint shape of the Pisces constellation in the sky – it will be the culminating one – and, considering this attached chart above, with the (keen) naked eye or with the aid of a a good pair of binoculars, find the faintly vibrating light of Uranus… Now, you might intimately express your gratitude for your unique intuitive ability bestowed by the ‘Father Sky’.   🙂

Follow quickly, set to observe – have a clear sky.   🙂  >> More Info

Sun conjunct Jupiter in tropical Libra

astrology software

On September 26th, Sun–Jupiter conjunction will occur in the tropical Libra, and, within other contexts, in the sidereal and constellational Virgo. The last exact ecliptic Sun–Jupiter conjunction in tropical Libra was on October 22th, 2005 and the next one will be on September 30th, 2028. Libra-Sun conjunct Libra-Jupiter could be specified by the following keywords: arbitration, dispensing of justice, diplomatic tact, creating a life of harmony, good manners, reverence for life, pacifism but sometimes opportunism or overconfidence.

Sun conjunct Jupiter will happen near the fixed star called ’Zaniah’ (eta Virginis), within an orb of 1.5°. According to Ptolemy and Alvidas, this star ’… gives refinement, honor, congeniality, order and a lovable nature’. By V. Robson Jupiter conjunct Zaniah ’brings religious and philosophical mind, social success, many friends’ and Sun conjunct Zaniah indicates ’educational and studious interests, popularity, social success, much pleasure, happy marriage’. But we might find this short description strongly ironic since the etymology of ’Zaniah’, derived from the Arabic word ’Zaaniyah’, means ’woman who has unlawful relations with a man’ – evoking thus the idea of the ’adulteress’ or the ’cocotte’… Such phenomena are not exceptional; unfortunately, the astrology of the fixed stars, in this residual form we’ve inherited, contains a number of controversial elements.  More info

The Last Lunar Eclipse Of 2016 Is Coming

Lunar Eclipse Astrology

A penumbral lunar eclipse will occur on September 16-17., 2016, the last of three lunar eclipses in 2016, preceded two weeks earlier by an annular solar eclipse. The whole lunar eclipse – or certain parts of it – will be visible from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa; Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean; Arctic, Antarctica (view attached chart for details).

There are three kinds of lunar eclipses: 1. the total eclipse of the Moon  when  the inner part of Earth’s shadow, called the ’umbra’, falls on the Moon’s face (at mid-eclipse, the entire Moon is in shadow, which may appear blood red); 2. the partial lunar eclipse when the ’umbra’ takes a bite out of only a fraction of the Moon (the dark bite grows larger, and then recedes, never reaching the total phase); 3. the penumbral lunar eclipse when the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth, called the ’penumbra’, falls on the Moon’s face (see zoomable chart).

Note that since this upcoming one will be a penumbral eclipse, it is going to be hard to observe, as the Moon will only appear a bit fainter. >>> More info

Sun square Mars

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Sun square Mars indicates a person with an abundance of energy which is often turned to destruction. Sometimes –having a fiery temper– the native looks overbearing and swaggering; he/she is frequently in opposition to constituted authority and ready to rebel wherever an opportunity arises. In the case of artists, violence, abuse and murder are central themes. With a (tropical) Virgo-Sun, the native may turn these destructive energies against himself/herself. This aspect also dispose to accidents in which the person may be maimed, also to gunshot and knife-wounds, to scalding-burns and to fevers, inflammatory complaints, boils and eruptions. More Info

Libra-Venus sextile Sagittarius-Saturn

Venus sextile Saturn

(Venus in Libra) sextile (Saturn in Sagittarius) within the tropical context. /Concerning the sidereal one: (Venus in Virgo) sextile (Saturn in Scorpio)/.

Libra-Venus sextile Sagittarius-Saturn indicates generally a diplomatic, methodical, systematic, fair-minded person. Faithful and true, therefore he/she will be much sought as a friend or advisor, or as a person to be trusted with any commission requiring sterling honesty and ability. Deep thinking based on own observations and experiences, need for reconciling feuds and discrepancies. Sometimes vastly expanded spiritual horizon. Famous people with Libra-Venus sextile Sagittarius-Saturn: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831), Peter D. Ouspensky (1878 –1947).

The last occurrence when Venus stayed in the 11th degree of the tropical Libra and, at the same time, the Saturn in the 11th degree of the tropical Sagittarius, happened on September 2nd, 1869.   More Info


Satellite destroyed in explosion just after the Solar Eclipse

Amos-6 explosion

Amos-6 satellite destroyed in explosion just after the Solar Eclipse. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has exploded at Cape Canaveral, Florida, on 1st September, 2016 at 09:06 EDT, destroying Amos-6 communications satellite. The explosion occurred during a trial ahead of Saturday’s planned launch of the Amos-6 having mission to provide Internet access to underserved regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

To better understand the whole celestial background, it’s recommended to read my recent posts about the Mars–Saturn–Antares exact conjunction and the former Annular Solar Eclipse. As I pointed out, we should consider mundane astrological phenomena like puzzling succession of an occult ’condensation’ which – reaching a ’critical saturation’ – ’produces’ ’discharges’ on various, analogically corresponding levels of the reality. This disaster happened just after the mentioned eclipse, when the edge of the parallax-corrected Moon’s disc (as I work within Topocentric frame) almost directly reached the True Ascending Lunar Node /Dragon’s Head/. The Great Cross of the (/Sun conjunct Moon/ square /Saturn conjunct Mars conjunct Antares/ square /Neptune/ square /Aldebaran/) remained ’in operation’ too. But the fateful sparks into this occult ’compound’ were two – otherwise ’in se’ not too violent – planet/kentron aspects – the /Mercury biquintile Vertex/ and the /Uranus quintile Medium Coeli/. (Zoom and view the attached chartwheel).

The question is why Amos-6. For answering this, we should pay attention to the chain of the analogical connections: the eclipse occurred over Africa and the mission of this satellite was ’… to provide Internet access to underserved regions of sub-Saharan Africa.’ And why Cape Canaveral? We know, Florida falls under dominion of the ’Pisces’ principle. The eclipse happened in tropical Virgo, strongly afflicted by the Pisces-Neptune…

(Breaking news: ’Tropical storm Hermine has made landfall in northern Florida, becoming the first hurricane to hit the state in 11 years. Hermine hit the Florida Gulf Coast early on Friday as a category one hurricane, bringing with it a heavy storm surge. Governor Rick Scott had earlier declared a state of emergency for 51 counties across the state. Wind gusts reached 80mph (130km/h), the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.’)  More Info