Annular Solar Eclipse with Mars conjuct Uranus in Aries – predicting disasters?

solar eclipse astrology 2017

An annular solar eclipse will happen on February 26th, 2017 (greatest eclipse at 14:54:33 UT). Annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun’s (as Moon is close to its apogee point) , blocking most of the Sun’s light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring). It will appear as a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth thousands of kilometres wide and will be visible across southern South America in the morning and it ends in south-western Africa at sunset. (For visibilty map, view zoomable chart.) Sun conjunct Moon will be at tropical 08PIS12 (sidereal 13AQU13) and an exact Mars conjunct Uranus will occur at the 22nd degree of tropical Aries (27th degree of sidereal Pisces).

solar eclipse february 26

The last solar eclipse when it happened simultaneously a Mars conjunct Uranus also (at that time in tropical Scorpio, within an orb of 3°) occurred on October 23rd, 1976. It was a total one, began at sunrise in Tanzania near the border with Burundi, then crossed the Indian Ocean before making landfall in southeastern Australia. After leaving the Australian mainland, the path of totality left the Earth’s surface just north of the north island of New Zealand.

Within 3 months, the worst rail disaster in Australian history happened: 84 people died, more than 210 were injured, and 1,300 were affected. The ’Granville rail disaster’ occurred on Tuesday 18 January 1977 at Granville, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia, when a crowded commuter train derailed, running into the supports of a road bridge that collapsed onto two of the train’s passenger carriages.   >>> More Astro Info

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3 responses to “Annular Solar Eclipse with Mars conjuct Uranus in Aries – predicting disasters?

  1. Also, the contrascion of this eclipse is at 22 Aries with Uranus, Mars and Eris. Scary.

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