Pisces Mars square Sagittarius Saturn – The Stigmata

mars square saturn

Pisces Mars square Sagittarius Saturn will happen on January 19th, 2017 at 09:15:29 UT (04:15:29 EST). As I wrote in one of my recent posts, Mars in tropical Pisces is too ’deep’ to effectively fight for any kind of common worldly goals.  As its fiery energies manifest profoundly inside, usually smouldering in a latent and unfocused state, it is highly important that, by some favouring planetary aspects, it should be focused or ’sharpened ’. Without such aspects, natives with Pisces Mars become sooner or later dawdling, hesitant, confused and incessantly frustrated.  Pisces Mars afflicted by Sagittarius Saturn often indicates persons feeling intensive remorse or scruple; such natives are living in the condition of a perpetual self-blame, owing to (either real or imagined) sins or misdeeds of their past (Sagittarius Saturn).

The case of Therese Neumann (1898–1962) is a greatly remarkable and special one. She was a German stigmatic who, after a recurring illness, left partially blind, deaf, paralyzed, and saw visions of the Passion of Christ. She reportedly lived without food from 4/29/1923 until her death. Doctors, ecclesiastics and civil authorizes examined her stringently, even putting her in quarantine for 15 days, July 14 to 28, 1927, because medical authorities said that a human could live no more than 11 days without eating or drinking. During those days, she took three communion hosts each day, washed down with three cubic centimeters of water. She entered the confinement weighing 110 lbs, and left weighing 100 lbs.

Képtalálat a következőre: „Therese neumann”

She had stigmata on her hands, feet, and left side. Every Friday, she relived the Passion of Christ. She had the gift of ’bilocation’, appearing to people while she was physically confined to her bed. (Like all the stigmatic mystics, she was attacked principally by theologians; suspected a fraud, it was said the blood that flowed from her wounds actually was her own menstrual blood, etc.)

With some other astological dispositions, that above-mentioned perpetual self-blame (indicated by this Pisces Mars square Sagittarius Saturn at issue), mostly by the virtue of the ’deep’ inner forces of Pisces Mars, may become ’somatized’, i.e. it can produce concrete physical symptoms. Moreover, the transsaturnians and some important fixed stars should also play a central role in this respect, and we should keep in mind Venus in its domicile (and in 4th house) and Libra Jupiter (9th house) which are together ’indicators’ of a rare ’Agape’ as well as the exalted Sun indicating a fiery and powerful spirit…

Therese Neumann horoscope
Therese Neumann’s birth chart

But, to tell the whole truth, these documented mysterious phenomena are far more than we can understand, describe or interpret within the ’horizontal’ dimension of our ordinary astrological context, strictly controlled by the Fate; this is just part of the ’vertical’ one where we may directly experience the Free Will, or, that is properly the same, the Grace of God.    >> More Info

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