Venus enters tropical Pisces – evoking the Mermaid-like archetypes

venus pisces

Venus’ ingress into tropical Pisces will happen on January 3rd, 2017 at 07:46:29 UT (02:46:29 EST). Venus in her own exaltation sign indicates a powerful emotional nature, subdued and toned down somehow by an element of sorrow and deprivation inherent in the ’twelfth house sign’; inclination to extraordinary compassion, agape, sometimes self-sacrifice. This position also gives an intense love of lyric poetry and/or music, often considerable ability to express himself/herself either vocally or instrumentally.

Venus is ’unfocused’ here and – as she feels abandoned, forlorn and empty –she’s looking for her ’focus’ to obtain a fixed and fasten existence which cannot be reached (or regained) through nothing more than the active contribution of Mars (i.e. the spiritual virility within). Unfortunately, the whole corpus of the Mermaid-like mythologems is widely misinterpreted. Let’s not be fooled by the appearances – if we seemingly meet pestilent, fiendish and wicked mermaids / nereides / nymphs / undines / sirens etc., we must not omit considering that these archetypes indicate, above all, a totally unconditional state of being, an intense openness which inevitably result in extreme transformational actions.

Képtalálat a következőre: „undine ”

Here is no posturing or play-acting, if anyone can enter fully into the spirit of the true devotion, ’bhakti’ or ’prapatti’ , a native with a (not strongly afflicted) Pisces Venus can. (Cf. the mermaid’s self-denial for the prince in Andersen’s famous fairy tale, ’The Little Mermaid’; or Ondine’s words, in Jean Giraudoux’s play, telling her future husband whom she has just met: ’I shall be the shoes of your feet, I shall be the breath of your lungs’).

Now Venus is uncompromisingly looking for her complementary quality to be reintegrated and this one cannot be other than the truly spiritual virility or the metaphysically ’refined’ Mars. If the masculine quality is not worthy of this subtle feminine ’field of force’ (because of his fear, anxiety, greediness or other unclean instinctual drives), it will fail and be destroyed. Metaphorically, that is to say, ’the sailors find a watery grave, being shipwrecked, diverted by the magic singing of Loreley’.

Kapcsolódó kép

But we meet the opposing symbolic attitude also, in the famous Greek myth, when Odysseus ordered his men (plugged their ears with beeswax) to leave him tied tightly to the mast, to hear the Sirens’ charming song; it means metaphysically that he may control and rule his lower nature, having a ’Vertical Support’ (the mast) which is equivalent with an intensive ’Spiritual Vigilance’…   >> More Info

Képtalálat a következőre: „odyssey siren”


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