Mars’ ingress into Pisces – Perceval throws the Magic Sword into the Lake

Mars Pisces

Mars enters tropical Pisces on December 19th, 2016, at 09:22:53 UT (04:22:53 EST) and will stay in this sign until January 28th, 2017.

According to well-known patterns, with some supportable simplification, focusing only on the ’acting’ and ’pervading’ character of the planet Mars itself, it can be said that one can fight for typical goals in each zodiac sign. Fighting in Aries is an experience of being alive; in Taurus: for gaining goods; in Gemini: because it ’s suitable to keep mind agile and keen; in Cancer: to protect the intimate sphere; in Leo: it is a matter of pride and domination; in Virgo: to better understand inner dispositions for making subtle distinctions; in Libra: to create universal harmony; in Scorpio: for the pleasure of fighting; in Sagittarius: to reach or establish divine principles in this world; in Capricorn: to transform oneself by the fight; in Aquarius: to manifest the own inner ideals. But, when Mars enters Pisces, these typical and accurately shaped goals seem to vanish all at once. Natives with a Pisces Mars in their radix, mainly if it stays at the same time in the 6th or 12th house, are fully aware of what I am talking about.

Mars in Pisces is too ’deep’ and, therefore, unfocused to directly manifest its fiery energies; thus, the natives with Pisces Mars are often averse to competitions or direct actions, they seem to be dawdling and hesitant, similarly to how Hamlet is often depicted holding Yorick’s skull. These natives, if the impossibility of those above-mentioned worldly goals won’t be profoundly perceived, can easily be immersed in a real existential vacuum and may feel themselves like Jonah swallowed by the Whale in the famous biblical tale; this ignorance should increase their spiritual confusion, and it will necessarily result in ceaseless frustrations and self-reproaches, causing a tendency to overreact to any emotional stimuli, or, quite the contrary, may lead into grave lethargy.

By well-known astrological clichés, this is a fairly good position for those involved in ’covert’ operations or subtle arts – like spying or having ’clandestine intercourses’, for investigators of crime or the paranormal & occult; warden of a prison or surgeon in a hospital; musical composing, lyric poetry, painting in water-colour or learning dead languages; fluid martial arts styles like ’Tai Chi’ and so on – and the analogies are really ’fairly good’, but, honestly speaking, a real spiritual ’metanoia’ here is almost inevitable for the adequate understanding – thus, the integration.

In the end of the excellent movie, ’Excalibur’ (1981) – directed by John Boorman, retelling the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, based solely on the 15th century Arthurian romance, ’Le Morte d’Arthur’ by Sir Thomas Malory – Mordred, Arthur’s evil son of incestuous origin, stabs the King with a spear but Arthur further impales himself to get closer and kills the bastard with the Magic Sword called ’Excalibur’. At first, Perceval refuses to carry out Arthur’s dying wish, that he throw Excalibur into a pool of calm water, reasoning that the sword is too valuable to be lost. Arthur tells him again to do as he commands and reassures him that one day a new king will come and the sword will return again. Finally, Perceval throws Excalibur into the pool, where the Lady of the Lake catches it. Perceval returns to see Arthur lying on a Ship, attended by three Ladies clad in white, sailing toward the Isle of Avalon, in the light of the sinking Sun.

The Sword itself beneath this ’pool of calm water’ is equivalent with the principle of Piscean Mars. We can see Perceval, hesitating, full of doubt and anxiety. It is not surprising because he’s just losing the two most important ’pillars’ of his knightly life: the Magic Arm and his Sovereign. It seems he lost his Worldly Force and his Spiritual Centre at the same time. But it is only misleading appearance; as Arthur did not die but continues his Life in a subtle region called ’Avalon’, surrounded by pure Feminine Powers (cf. ’Valkyries’ of the Norse mythology, ’Fravashis’ of the Persian one, ’Diana’s Grove’ of the Alchemists etc.), Excalibur won’t even be lost, it will be protected by the Lady of the Lake manifesting its ’martial’ power by her own essence, in a more occult and more mysterious way which is never rudely penetrating and worldly expedient but subtle, veiled and deeply inspiring – like the Gnostic ’Sophia’ or ’Pleroma’, the ’Eternal Wisdom’.   >> More Info

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