The power to scatter like the Wind – New Moon in Swati

swati nakshatra

New Moon will occur on 30th October, at 17:38 UT, in the tropical Scorpio, sidereal Libra (jyotish: Tula) and Swati Nakshatra (3rd pada).

Swati is ruled by Vayu, the God of the Wind. It ’gives’ the power to scatter like the Wind (pradhvamsa shakti). Its keywords: moving in various directions, changing of form, transformations. All these indications are basically those of the Wind, which has both healing and destructive powers. By the ancient magical conception, one who makes the appropriate offering to the Wind at this time, and properly pronounces the spell – ’May I win the freedom to move as I wish in all the Worlds.’ –, gains the freedom to move as he/she wishes.

By traditional interpretations, people with a ’Swati-Moon’ have an ability to ’bend with the wind’ in order to survive the forces of change which they may encounter. They have good business and financial skills and are good communicators, though are hot-tempered and ’curious and flexible in their approach’. They are intuitive, psychic and creative, but the artistic expression is often directed toward the ’explosive’, ’terrifying’ and ’bizarre’… Alfred Hitchcock and Truman Capote had their natal Moon in Swati Nakshatra.  >> More Info


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