Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury ingress Scorpio

Mercury’s ingress into (tropical) Scorpio will occur on 24th October, 2016 at 20:46:08 UT /16:46:08 EDT/. Mercury in Scorpio ’gives’ a shrewd mind, a keen aspiration, a quick wit and a sharp tongue with biting sarcasm that can sting like the scorpion. The disposition is bold and stubborn, headstrong and often difficult to get along with him/her. But these people are extremely resourceful, dauntless, and able to overcome difficulties which would crush others. They are attracted to the mysteries and the occult, as a needle is drawn to a magnet. When Mercury is afflicted they are subject to disappointment in everything they undertake, quarrelsome, sceptical, cynical and sometimes explicitly tyrannous, willingly holding opposite views to others. A person with strongly afflicted Scorpio-Mercury keeps his/her injuries (either real or imagined) in remembrance and revenges himself/herself even after many years.

Now, I’d like to ask you, what do these four people have in common – astrologically? 1. Christopher Columbus; 2. Pablo Picasso; 3. Martin Scorsese; 4. Joseph Goebbels.

The right answer consists of three astrological facts. A./ These people have their natal Mercury and Sun in the (tropical) Scorpio. C./ These planets stay in the IV. house in every case. C./ All four persons have a (tropical) Leo ascendant.

Certain astrological principles are the same, thus, to some extent, there must be an occult similarity concerning the fundamental inner dispositions – but, of course, the ’fates’ i.e. the ’acting’ and final consequences, depending on many other factors, will be quite different.

Columbus absolutely subjected his life to his explorative and investigative instincts; Picasso broke up the forms to depict them from a multitude of viewpoints in a greater context; Scorsese created his own characteristic film language which is desperately rigid and, at the same time, deeply emotional; Goebbels adored his six children and finally ordered to poison them in the back of the Führerbunker.  >> More Info


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