Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Orion astrology

The ’Orionid’ meteor shower is produced by the well known Halley’s Comet, which last passed through the inner Solar System in 1986 on its average 76-year orbit. (Having travelled through the Solar System, the Sun sublimated some of its ice that allowed rock particles to break away ; these particles continue on its trajectory and appear as ’meteors’ – ’falling stars’ – when they pass through Earth’s upper atmosphere.)

The radiant of the ’Orionids’ is located between the constellations Orion and Gemini (see attached chart), but they can be seen over a large area of the sky. This is a relatively modest shower whose intensity varies from year to year. It will peak on Thursday and Friday and this time can offer about 15 to 20 meteors per hour. As the moonlight could make the meteors pretty difficult to spot, early morning, before dawn, is the best time to look ’falling stars’. >> More Info


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