Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus enters tropical Sagittarius on 18th October, 2016, at 03:00:38 EDT /07:00:38 UT/. Venus in Sagittarius has a strong position, and of course, her qualities blend with those of Jupiter. Therefore this position indicates a genial and optimistic disposition, a sympathetic, kind and generous heart (who, if needed, can persistenty fight for his/her ideals), a love of God expressed in religious devotion, or love of man shown by philanthropy and charity. It often indicates a refined mind, a cultured person who likes drama, art, music, folklore and antiquities. It fosters the imagination and intuition and like the other double-bodies signs (Gemini and Pisces), it inclines to plurality of relationships and marriages. If Sagittarius-Venus is strongly afflicted, pride, self-importance and touchiness may appear. >> More Info


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