Full Falling Leaf SuperMoon 2016

Hunter Supermoon

The Moon orbits Earth in an elliptical orbit, hence the distance of the Moon from the Earth varies, throughout the year, between 363,396 km at its Perigee and 405,504 km at its Apogee. The term ’SuperMoon’ was coined by an astrologer, Richard Nolle roughly 30 years ago. He defined the ’SuperMoon’ as ‘… a new or a full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in its orbit’. As Nolle is an astrologer, most astronomers prefer using the term ’Perigee Full Moon’ rather than this one.  The next three Full Moons – in October, November and December – all are qualified as ’SuperMoons’.

Some Native American tribes referred to October’s Full Moon as the ’Full Hunter’s Moon’ as it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter. This full Moon is also called the ’Travel Moon’, the ’Dying Grass Moon’ or the ’Falling Leaf Moon’.

The event peaks at 00:23:02 EDT (04:23:02 UT), therefore the Moon will appear almost full to the casual stargazer a day prior and after the peak day. >> More Info


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