It’s the right time to find Uranus with the naked eye…

Sun Uranus opposition

During these days, the first trans-Saturnian planet, Uranus, approaches more and more its opposition in the constellationial and sidereal Pisces, i.e. in the tropical Aries (see zoomable chart). The exact Sun-Uranus opposition will happen on 15 October, 2016, at 10:43:03 UT (06:43:03 EDT). Therefore, Uranus is best placed for the naked-eye observation within this current period of some weeks. Yes, with the naked eye, since Uranus is a naked-eye-planet, even if most astrologers don’t know this evidence. If there won’t be any clouds and light pollution, on a very dark, clear night, around midnight, just locate the pretty faint shape of the Pisces constellation in the sky – it will be the culminating one – and, considering this attached chart above, with the (keen) naked eye or with the aid of a a good pair of binoculars, find the faintly vibrating light of Uranus… Now, you might intimately express your gratitude for your unique intuitive ability bestowed by the ‘Father Sky’.   🙂

Follow quickly, set to observe – have a clear sky.   🙂  >> More Info


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