Sun conjunct Jupiter in tropical Libra

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On September 26th, Sun–Jupiter conjunction will occur in the tropical Libra, and, within other contexts, in the sidereal and constellational Virgo. The last exact ecliptic Sun–Jupiter conjunction in tropical Libra was on October 22th, 2005 and the next one will be on September 30th, 2028. Libra-Sun conjunct Libra-Jupiter could be specified by the following keywords: arbitration, dispensing of justice, diplomatic tact, creating a life of harmony, good manners, reverence for life, pacifism but sometimes opportunism or overconfidence.

Sun conjunct Jupiter will happen near the fixed star called ’Zaniah’ (eta Virginis), within an orb of 1.5°. According to Ptolemy and Alvidas, this star ’… gives refinement, honor, congeniality, order and a lovable nature’. By V. Robson Jupiter conjunct Zaniah ’brings religious and philosophical mind, social success, many friends’ and Sun conjunct Zaniah indicates ’educational and studious interests, popularity, social success, much pleasure, happy marriage’. But we might find this short description strongly ironic since the etymology of ’Zaniah’, derived from the Arabic word ’Zaaniyah’, means ’woman who has unlawful relations with a man’ – evoking thus the idea of the ’adulteress’ or the ’cocotte’… Such phenomena are not exceptional; unfortunately, the astrology of the fixed stars, in this residual form we’ve inherited, contains a number of controversial elements.  More info


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