How to easily find our Galactic Centre on September 22nd

Galactic Centre Astrology

On September 22nd, Mars comes into exact (ecliptic) conjunction with the Milky Way’s Centre. As Mars will have an ecliptic latitude of 2° 34’ S and G. C. an ecl. lat. of 5° 37’ S, the reddish planet will stay roughly 3° above G.C. (note, ’above’ is valid for the northern hemisphere, down to mid-southern geographic latitudes…)

To measuring angular distances on the sky, we can apply some basic essential skills or ’tricks’. For example, the average apparent size of the Moon’s diameter is one half of an arc degree (equal to 30 arc minutes). Or, as amateur astronomers do that sometimes, simply hold your hand at arm’s length; the width of your little finger will cover circa 1 arc degree.

Just find Mars after sunset, locate ecliptic line, employ one of these tricks and make fairly a measurement… Galactic Centre would be there somewhere.  🙂

By modern scientific researches, a complex astronomical radio source, called the ’ Sagittarius A’ appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center which coincides with a supermassive ’Black Hole’. But for astrologers – and not only for the ’siderealists’– it seems more important that there exists an ’ayanmasha’ setting the Galactic Centre at 0° of the sidereal Sagittarius; as you can view on the zoomable image, at the same time, it is considered as the beginning of the Mula nakshatra within the Vedic lunar mansion system (’mula’ means in sanskrit ’root’ or ’origin’).  >> More Info


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