Satellite destroyed in explosion just after the Solar Eclipse

Amos-6 explosion

Amos-6 satellite destroyed in explosion just after the Solar Eclipse. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has exploded at Cape Canaveral, Florida, on 1st September, 2016 at 09:06 EDT, destroying Amos-6 communications satellite. The explosion occurred during a trial ahead of Saturday’s planned launch of the Amos-6 having mission to provide Internet access to underserved regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

To better understand the whole celestial background, it’s recommended to read my recent posts about the Mars–Saturn–Antares exact conjunction and the former Annular Solar Eclipse. As I pointed out, we should consider mundane astrological phenomena like puzzling succession of an occult ’condensation’ which – reaching a ’critical saturation’ – ’produces’ ’discharges’ on various, analogically corresponding levels of the reality. This disaster happened just after the mentioned eclipse, when the edge of the parallax-corrected Moon’s disc (as I work within Topocentric frame) almost directly reached the True Ascending Lunar Node /Dragon’s Head/. The Great Cross of the (/Sun conjunct Moon/ square /Saturn conjunct Mars conjunct Antares/ square /Neptune/ square /Aldebaran/) remained ’in operation’ too. But the fateful sparks into this occult ’compound’ were two – otherwise ’in se’ not too violent – planet/kentron aspects – the /Mercury biquintile Vertex/ and the /Uranus quintile Medium Coeli/. (Zoom and view the attached chartwheel).

The question is why Amos-6. For answering this, we should pay attention to the chain of the analogical connections: the eclipse occurred over Africa and the mission of this satellite was ’… to provide Internet access to underserved regions of sub-Saharan Africa.’ And why Cape Canaveral? We know, Florida falls under dominion of the ’Pisces’ principle. The eclipse happened in tropical Virgo, strongly afflicted by the Pisces-Neptune…

(Breaking news: ’Tropical storm Hermine has made landfall in northern Florida, becoming the first hurricane to hit the state in 11 years. Hermine hit the Florida Gulf Coast early on Friday as a category one hurricane, bringing with it a heavy storm surge. Governor Rick Scott had earlier declared a state of emergency for 51 counties across the state. Wind gusts reached 80mph (130km/h), the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.’)  More Info


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