Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo

Mercury domicile Venus conjunction

On August 29th at 06:32 UT an exact Mercury–Venus conjunction will happen in Virgo (on this particular occasion, ’Virgo’ means simultaneously the tropical, sidereal and contellational ’background’ – view the chartwheel).  An exact Mercury conjunct Venus occurs 1–4 times a year, but such a conjunction in tropical Virgo happened only twice during this millennium (on September 8th, 2003 and on August 21st, 2008). Believe it or not, this exact Mercury conjunct Venus in tropical Virgo, in conjunction with this Virgo–Jupiter didn’t come to pass since September 17th, 1707 (!).

In this forthcoming conjunction the ’stationary’ Mercury will be especially powerful in one of its domiciles. Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo indicates a sensitive and often shy person who is prudent and careful; pragmatic, but without any instances of aggression towards others, thus he/she is generally beloved by all. In the case of some stongly disharmonic aspects, the native may become exaggeratedly mistrustful, with an inclination to beat himself / herself up over everything; this attitude can often result in gastrointestinal disorders.

Some famous people with natal Virgo conjunct Venus in tropical Virgo: James Coburn, Robert de Niro, Melanie Griffith, Andrea Bocelli.   More info


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