Mars square Neptune

Mars square Neptune

Sagittarius-Mars square Pisces-Neptune. The last occasion when Neptune stayed in the 11th degree of the tropical Pisces was in 1853. But, the exact square between these two planets having stayed in these actual tropical degrees (i.e. Mars in the 11th d. of Sag. and Neptune in the 11th d. of Pis.) had happened a very long time ago, in September 1525. (Neptune was retrograde at that time too.)

This square indicates a sensual, impulsive and extravagant personality in speech and action who is self-indulgent and often unable to exercise restraint over himself. He/she can be a confused, sentimental and ’shapeless’ character who may express itself, depending on the circumstances, in either religion or atheism. With strongly afflicted Moon and Saturn, such people can be liable to become victims of ’discarnate spirits’ which may either use them as a ’medium’ or by permanently obsessing them. Often, it gives a tendency to lawlessness and participation in anarchistic schemes or plots, but with some harmonic aspects, this tension may also be favourable to the more ethereal artistic activities like musical composition and poetry.

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