A rare exact conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Antares – coming soon

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On 24th August, at 14:56:47 UT, Mars will catch up with Saturn, in the ecliptic coordinate system, almost exactly above Antares. At mid-northern latitudes, Mars, Saturn and Antares appear in the south to southwest sky at nightfall, while from the Southern Hemisphere, the threesome is found high overhead as darkness falls. The conjunctions of Mars and Saturn recur in periods of roughly two years, but sometimes this cycle can be reduced to 18–20 months due to the apparent retrograde motion of these planets. It’s easy to understand that these exact Mars–Saturn conjunctions happen at various points of the celestial background  – and it’s not surprising that in order to observe an exact Mars conjunct Saturn within the Antares’ orb of 1 arcdegree, circa 180 years are required on average. Thus, we can find only 11 occurrences of this type during the last 2000 years.

Antares, the ’alpha Scorpii’ and the ’Scorpion’s Heart’, is one of the 4 most important ’fixed’ or ’marker’ stars of the sidereal and constellational astrology, with the Spica, Regulus and Aldebaran. Aldebaran, the ’alpha Tauri’ and the ’Bull’s Eye’, lies almost directly opposite to Antares in the Zodiac, therefore it can be considered as a practical celestial axis; within the context of the Fagan–Bradley ayanamsha of the sidereal astrology, they indicate the middle of the equisectorial sidereal Scorpio and Taurus signs.

Below, I’ll specify these 10 instances with only some needed astronomical /astrological data, indicating the subsequent historical events too. We should take into consideration that such a celestial phenomenon, like the most astronomical facts within the context of the Mundane Astrology, don’t lead to producing effects instantly or immediately; rather, it is similar to the process of a sequential electric charging (’condensing’ or increasing more and more by successive and interlocking astrological indications) which, reaching the needed saturation or condensed state, results in an analogical mundane instance of ’eruptive’ or ’explosive’ nature, in like manner as the electrostatic discharge.

For example, in the case of the recent exact (Mars conjunct Saturn) conjunct Antares (on 17th February, 1986) indicating, among other things, the disaster of Chernobyl (view chart below), required additional indications to the total ’condensation’ or ’saturation’ like the exact Sun conjunct Pluto was on the day of the catastrophe, 26th April. (Only in passing: according to Ptolemy, Antares conjunct Mars is exceedingly violent if ’… at the same time the Moon is with Aldebaran’ – and at that time, this condition was also fulfilled – view attached chart…)

Chernobyl astrology

Briefly, it’s important to understand that such a rare and powerful conjunction may have its ’impact’ not infrequently through ten or even twenty years, complicatedly (and sometimes perplexedly) entwined with other astronomical/astrological facts.


Astronomical/astrological data & historical background:

I.- 12. October 0101 (Julian Calendar) 6:41:28 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 14 ♏ 12, sidereal (Fagan–Bradley) 15 ♏ 52; distance from Antares in longitude: 51 arcminutes.

Mundane events: The Roman Empire reaches its largest expanse under Trajan (98–117), encompassing an area of 5 million square kilometers, population peak around 100 million. The Christian Church proclaims itself to be universal (catholic).


II. – 5. September 0278 23:58:03 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 16 ♏ 33, sidereal 15 ♏ 46; distance from Antares in longitude: 45 arcminutes.

Mundane events: The largest and bloodiest official persecution of Christianity and Manicheism under Diocletian. Administrative division of the Empire: the establishment of the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire. Foundation of the Tetrarchy.


III. – 9. January 0425  00:53:33 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 18 ♏ 42, sidereal 15 ♏ 53; distance from Antares in longitude: 52 arcminutes.

Mundane events: Atilla’s Hunnic Empire on the territories of the Eastern and Central Europe. Romans’ permanent fighting against the Germanic and Celtic tribes, the Vandals, the Persians and the Huns. The beginning of the Roman agony.


IV. –  1. December 0601 21:18:39 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 19 ♏ 42, sidereal 14 ♏ 24; distance from Antares in longitude: 37 arcminutes.

Mundane events: Muhammad’s revelations conveyed to him through the archangel Gabriel (Jibril) – the birth of the quickly spreading Islam.


V. –  5. December 1043 12:43:51 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 26 ♏ 58, sidereal 15 ♏ 33; distance from Antares in longitude: 32 arcminutes.

Mundane events: The  Great Schism of 1054 divides Christianity; division of the Church into the Western (Catholic) and Eastern (Eastern Orthodox) Churches.


VI. –  1. November 1220 16:08:22 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 28 ♏ 49, sidereal 14 ♏ 56; distance from Antares in longitude: 05 arcminutes

Mundane events: Mongol invasion into Russia and Central Europe (1235–1241).


VII. – 27. September 1397  23:36:05 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 00 ♐ 49, sidereal 14 ♏ 03; distance from Antares in longitude: 58 arcminutes

Mundane events: One of the first movements to reform the Roman Catholic Church: the Hussitism. The rise of the Ottoman Empire; extension of Turkish dominion into the Balkans – paving the way for the expansion into Central Europe.


VIII. – 14. November 1662 (Gregorian Calendar)  22:53:51 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 05 ♐ 53, sidereal 15 ♏ 51; distance from Antares in longitude: 50 arcminutes

Mundane events: The Great Plague in London (1665–1666) kills 100,000 people; The Great Fire in London (1666) destroys the homes of 70,000 of the City’s 80,000 inhabitants.


IX. – 12. October 1839  09:05:51 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 06 ♐ 53, sidereal 14 ♏ 23; distance from Antares in longitude: 38 arcminutes

Mundane events: First Opium War in China (1839–1941); The Great Famine in Ireland (1845-1849) causes the deaths of one million Irish people and over a million more emigrated to escape it; Revolutions of 1848 in Europe.


X. – 17. February 1986 14:56:47 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 08 ♐ 57, sidereal 14 ♏ 25; distance from Antares in longitude: 36 arcminutes

Mundane events: Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster (26. April 1986); the collapse of the Communist Bloc (1989–1991)


XI. – 24. August 2016 11:26:27 UT // (♂☌ ♄) at tropical 09 ♐ 52, sidereal 14 ♏ 54; distance from Antares in longitude: 07 arcminutes

Mundane events:  (We’ll see)    More Info




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