Full Thunder Moon 2016

Thunder Moon 2016

The Full Thunder Moon in 2016 will be probably worthy of its name. (☉ ☍ ☽) forms □ with the greatly important ’marker’ star called Spica (Chitra) which is strongly Mars-natured and with ♅ too. ☉, ☽ and ♅ all reside in cardinal signs within the tropical frame (sayana) and within the sidereal one (nirayana), they are in , , also (by the Lahiri ayanamsha). The retrograde ♄ (☌ Antares) is afflicted by a retrograde ♆, besides, ♂ – at the same time in the tropical and sidereal Scorpio – seems highly powerful. Over the coming weeks, the shocking chain of mundane events with devastating consequences may persist. More info


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