Arabic Lunar Mansion System: Moon in As-Samak

Arabic Lunar Mansion System: Moon (al-Qamar) conjunct Jupiter (al-Mushtari) conjunct Dragon Head (al-Jawzahar) in as-Simak (’the Unarmed’).

muslim astrology

By the ancient Arabic astro-sophia, as-Simak, the 14th lunar mansion (from 17degrees 08 minutes Virgo to 0 degree Libra in the tropical frame of reference) was associated with the sphere of the Sun, the Divine Attribute, the Light, and the prophet Enoch or Idris who is also said to be Hermes Trismegistos. This manzil is a celestial manifestation of the sound “N” which is represented by the Arabic letter “Nun”; by some ancient sages, this letter has its occult origin in the well-known astrological symbol of the Sun ( cf. ن and ☉ ) The Moon in this manzil ’strengthens marital love, cures the sick, helps sailors but hinders journeys by land. Good for sowing and planting, but bad for entrusting something to someone. Marriage with a virgin will not last long. If captured, he will soon escape or be released.’ (By Abenragel, Dorotheus and V. Robson)

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