Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra (2nd pada). The name ’Pushya’ means ’to strengthen’, ’to fortify’, and it is etymologically related to the word ’Pushti’ (’nourishment’), thus has also these connotations: ’to preserve’, ’to protect’, ’to replenish’, ’to multiply’. Albeit Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati (Jupiter), the God of Divine Wisdom, just the same, its ruling planet is Saturn: a strong instinct for exploration, faith in oneself, enjoyment of life and constancy of mind can occur simultaneously due to the interaction of these antagonist principles. Pushya’s main symbol is the ‘milk yielding udder of a cow’. (The ancient Hindu seers saw Pushya’s three stars as representing a cow’s udder.) Chandra (the Moon) in Pushya Nakshatra indicates a person who is religious, conventional, helping, selfless, caring, intelligent and spiritual. He/She is usually self-sufficient and wealthy, but gives service to others and the underprivileged. However, as he/she is stubborn, can be arrogant and superior towards those who do not share his/her high ideals.astrology software 2016 Some famous people with natal Moon in Pushya: James Fenimore Cooper (writer of the Leatherstocking Tales), Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks

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