Full ’Long Nights’ Moon in Ardra

In Native American cultures, December’s Full Moon that is near the Summer Solstice – thus travelling a high path through the sky – was known as the Full ’Long Nights’ Moon or Full ’Cold’ Moon. This year, we have a domicile Full ’Long Nights’ Moon near its southernmost ecliptical latitude (-5,84 degrees), below the star called ’Propus’ (eta Geminorum).

Full Cold Moon 2015

Chandra the Moon rides his chariot now (25. Dec. 2015, 11:12 UT) across the Ardra Nakshatra whose Ruler is Rudra. In the Hindu iconography, Rudra is represented as ’five-faced’ [pancha-anana) deity, holding a serpent on his head and the crescent Moon on his forehead; his animal symbol is often a female dog. Rudra is the most peaceful and also the most terrible deity at the same time, being a personification of Shiva, he has the ’Thunder Power’ that makes him undefeatable; Lord of wild animals, storms and all unexpected incidents, origin of all human diseases and sufferings, but simultaneously he is the Mighty Healer, Ruler of the knowledge, asceticism, renunciation, and also the enjoyment – as the ’Supreme Consummator Of All Desires’.

By traditional interpretations, Moon in Ardra Nakshatra indicates a person with native sadness and often destructive impulses, but also who is skilled at creating new things and renovating old ones. The character is strong, religious and artistic, but at the same time, stubborn and prone to litigations, having a violent temperament. Moon (opposite Sun) in Ardra: the native acquires knowledge in various metaphysical sciences, but cannot accumulate wealth. Moon in 1st Pada of Ardra: it can indicate smartness, intelligence and practical mind but often with irritable temper and malicious character.


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