Sun conjunct Saturn. About Saturn’s ’Cazimi’

Sun conjunct Saturn. About Saturn’s ’Cazimi’, or its position ’in the Heart of the Sun’.

Sun conjunct Saturn

Ancient astrologers told that the closeness of the Sun (approx. 10 degrees) increases the detrimental effect of the ’combust’ Saturn. ’Combustion’ is a Medieval term that means that such a planet is getting swallowed by the ’beams’ or ’fire’ of the Sun. But, by the ancient astrological tradition, there is a short interval within this conjunction which enhances Saturn’s beneficial side and Saturn will be ’wonderous strong’ as W. Lilly said. It is called ’Cazimi’ (transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī) or ’Egkardios’ (ancient Greek word) – this is the position ’in the Heart of the Sun’, i. e. the position in which a planet is ’within’ the sun disk. To properly understand ’Cazimi’, we explain the required astronomical knowledge simply and shortly. The apparent (i.e. angular) diameter of the solar disk is circa 32 arcminutes (32’). If, at ecliptic conjunction, an outer planet’s ecliptic latitude is between c. 16’ N and 16’ S, Sun occults this planet. (Of course, in the case of an inner planet /Mercury, Venus/ with such an ecl. lat., this celestial object can be transiting across the disk /inferior conjunction/.) Now, Saturn’s ecl. lat. is 1° 38’ N (approx. 3x solar disk diameter), thus its perpendicularly projected point(s) will be considered on the Ecliptic during the ’Cazimi’. View attached chart for this favourable interval.

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