The Age of Pisces – based on the ’Fixed Stars’

But how to determine the beginning of the Age of Pisces?  Within the sidereal framework, we don’t know exactly where the sidereal  ’1st point in Aries’ (Aries 0°) can be found in the starry (or constellational) celestial  background. This starting point in question is often called the ’Fiducial Point’; if it could be found, fairly exact timeframes of all the ’astrological Ages’ could be accurately determined (based on the equal-sized segments /of 30 degrees/ per each Age). To sum it up, this Fiducial Point is difficult to determine and all sidereal approaches are based on specific conceptions of the several communities or historical persons  – as, in our time, to choose an ayanamsha is inevitably a personally adopted resolution. We cannot declare that the Fagan-Bradley’s one is the only  ’correct’ and the Lahiri’s inaccurate, or, the Babylonian ayanamsha is the only acceptable (Otherwise: which one? There are several Baylonian ayanamshas… 🙂 ), and so on.  If you respect the only basic principle, and you determine your own Fiducial Point KEEPING THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKER (OR FIDUCIAL) STARS IN THEIR EQUISECTORIAL SIDEREAL SEGMENTS, you create your own ayanamsha which you can name after you, and you can use it, without breaking any fundamental astrological principles. 🙂

Whereas if we consider the Fixed Stars themselves traditionally and incontestably bound to the Pisces Contellation, we obtain a wholly exact astrological frame to determine the Piscean Age. (Warning: it does not mean that I disclaim the reason for the existence of  the ’pure’ ‘sidereal’ speculations in this matter, I made only some things clearer.)

Age of Pisces Astrology

The Age of Pisces – based on the ’Fixed Stars’, with historical events – like you’ve never seen it before. 3000 years in 50 seconds. A ‘must-see’ (zoomable) animated GIF for those who are seriously interested in astrology and celestial mechanics.

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