Uranus – Dragon’s Tail Conjunction – a Cobra-like ‘Time-Quality’…

The exact Uranus – Dragon’s Tail (i.e. Cauda Draconis, South Node, Descending Node) conjunction will be on January 20th, 2015; but it made its influence felt during the last December, and this result will remain valid approx. until mid-March.

Uranus conjunct South Node in tropical Aries (afflicted by a square from Pluto) indicates an astrological background ’under high voltage’, it hold out the prospect of various kinds of disruptions, social changes that upset communities and individuals, it can bring vast number of technological failures and unexpected ’shaking’ events.

Uranus Dragon's Tail South Node

This is really a ’suddenly ripping and biting’ astrological indication – a Cobra-like ‘Time-Quality’, in a certain sense.

More Infos –>>> Astrology Software 2015


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