Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio on 25th August – is it threatening?

Mars conjunct Saturn on 25th August 2014 – tropical frame: Scorpio, sidereal zodiac: Libra, true constellation: Libra.

The juxtaposition of the impulse (Mars) and the fixation (Saturn) results in an antagonistic situation – it is equivalent to live by ’depressing the accelerator pedal and braking at the same time’.

The strong – but ’badly canalized’ – energy of this internal tension can produce dark and morose moods, psychological and physiological off-balances and eventually serious somatic illnesses; otherwise, it can assume the form of aggressive behaviors or criminal inclinations.

Mars Saturn conjunction 25 August 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn 25 August 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn in (tropical) Scorpio: this cosmical position of the domicile Mars, also influenced by Pluto, can strengthen the Intuiton of the spiritual people, but average individuals can be drawn towards the ’dark side’ of the world: violence, death, rough sexuality, pleasure in nasty things etc. If Saturn is in disharmonic aspect with Sun and/or Moon and/or Mercury, masochism and suicidal implosions can appear.

Mundane frame: astrologically, Mars–Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio is ’operative’ from the beginning of August until mid-September 2014. It can bring forth similar events like the fighting in Middle East, landslide in Japan, spreading of Ebola virus disease etc. Some countries having a disharmonic Mars–Saturn aspect in their ’radix’ horoscopes: Argentina (Mars opposite Saturn); Palestine (Mars square Saturn); Uganda (Mars opposite Saturn); Sudan (Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio /!/)…

(News: on 25th August, the Nigerian military group Boko Haram has declared an “Islamic Caliphate” in the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza, which it seized earlier in August and slaughtered over 100 civilians.)

More details – ISE Astrology Software


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