Extra-SuperMoon – the biggest in 2014!

The second Full Moon of summer in 2014, traditionally called the ’Grain Moon’, will reach full phase at 14:09:21 EDT (Geocentric) on 10th August. By the ’Farmer Almanac’,  the Full Moon of August is called ’Sturgeon Moon’ too, since sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water, were most readily caught during this month. A few tribes knew it as the ’Full Red Moon’ because, as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. It was also called the ’Green Corn Moon’.

Biggest Supermoon 2014

Because of the near coincidence with the lunar perigee, this full moon will loom unusually large and bright in the night sky. These ’perigean full moons’ are called ’SuperMoons’ too and this weekend’s SuperMoon (constellation: Capricorn/Aquarius; sidereal zodiac: Capricorn; tropical: Aquarius) will be the largest and brightest of the year – it can seem really an ’Extra-SuperMoon’.

The best time to catch the SuperMoon is just after your local sunset when the Full Moon begins to rise, or around midnight.

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