TransAsia Plane Crash in Taiwan – Astrological interpretation

TransAsia Flight 222 was scheduled to depart from Kaohsiung at 16:00 Taiwan time (08:00 UTC), but it took off at 17:43 due to Typhoon Matmo.

It was en route to the Magong, Penghu Islands, from Kaohsiung when it made an emergency landing in Penghu County. The flight’s first landing attempt at Magong Airport failed. The pilot then requested to make a second attempt at 19:06, after which the control tower lost contact. The plane crashed in the township of Huxi, causing a fire involving two homes.

47 people were killed and 11 injured.

TransAsia Taiwan Plane Crash 23 July 2013

Important astrological indications (tropical frame):

1. (leo-SUN conjunct JUPITER conjunct OSCULATING LILITH) square (libra-MARS)

2. (capricorn-PLUTO opposite cancer-MERCURY) square (aries-URANUS)

3. Pisces-NEPTUNE conjunct ANTIVERTEX

4. And, may be, the most interesting: as I have stated concerning the Malaysia air crash in Ukraine, the function of the fixed star ’POLLUX’ (Beta Geminorum – actually: 23°24’ in tropical Cancer) which is relevant in case of many air plane crashes. Presently: (’true’ CAPUT and CAUDA DRACONIS exact square POLLUX – Caput D. conjunct SPICA). As Lunar Nodes move slowly, they will keep this square aspect in the next few days.

More infos – ISE Synoptical Astrology Software


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