Domicile Sun conjunct Jupiter, domicile Moon conjunct Venus – 24th July

Sun-Jupiter Conjunction (exact: 24th 2014 16:45:39 EDT) simultaneously with a Moon-Venus Conjunction – both SUN and MOON are DOMICILE.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter horoscope

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER IN (tropical) LEO. The domicile Sun ’gives’ noble, proud and generous qualities but, with the closely conjoined Jupiter, can ’predispose’ to the egoism or self-overestimation. People often feel the need to be acknowledged, highly estimated and try to attain some kind of social, moral or spiritual superiority by all means.
MOON CONJUNCT VENUS IN (tropical) CANCER. It ’s the world of the imaginations, feelings and cordiality. It makes susceptible to be romantic and ’day-dreaming’, but can suggest the wish to settle down and having children. An afflicted Cancer-Moon can indicate an inclination to rake over the ashes of the past and the childhood, and the dangerous feeling of self-pity can appear.
The last exact SUN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION at 2° LEO happened on 24 July 1848, it was the day of the ’Battle of Custoza’ during the First Italian War of Independence between the armies of the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia.
The MOST FAMOUS PERSON having a SUN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION IN LEO simultaneously with CANCER-MOON and CANCER-VENUS was Rudolf II (July 18, 1552 – January 20, 1612), Holy Roman Emperor , King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria. His efforts represent WORTHILY the spiritual relations of this astrological background.
RUDOLF II was a firm devotee of both astrology and alchemy. His lifelong quest was to find the Philosopher’s Stone and he spared no expense in bringing Europe’s best alchemists to his court of Prague, such as EDWARD KELLEY and JOHN DEE. Rudolf II even performed his own experiments in a private alchemy laboratory. When Rudolf was a prince, NOSTRADAMUS prepared a horoscope which was dedicated to him as ‘Prince and King’.


More infos – Synoptical Astrology Software 2014


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