Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

15th July 2014. At 11:49:49 EDT, Moon conjuncts Neptune in the tropical Pisces (if we bestow cosmic dignities to trans-saturnians, Neptune is the ruler of this sign), lending a dreamlike hue to this interval of some hours, and impregnate it with subtle moods and feelings. This is a good interval for artistic and meditative pursuits, for the religious devotion, contemplation and the altruism.

’Mercury conjunct Neptune makes a man peculiarly adapted to the occult art, people born under this conjunction usually succeed in occult science and often develop a supernormal faculty. They are particularly good as magnetic healers.’ (Max Heindel)

Moon Neptune Horoscope

Concerning the traditional Chinese Lunar Mansion system (Xiu), this conjunction is located in the mansion of the ’Danger’ (Wei) whose emblem is the ’Rooftop’, which is ’a dangerous place to work or play’. ’It is a sign of construction, fortifications (war) and earthworks. Also travelers can be attacked on journeys on land or water. ’ (Analogies: ’unlucky’. Element: Earth. Day: Monday. Planet: Moon. Animal: Swallow.)

In the Arabic Lunar Mansion frame (Manazil), this conjunction is in the ’moon house’ called ’Al Sa’d al Ahbiyah’, ’The Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places’. By the ancient Muslim astrologers, this cosmical position is ’favorable for besieging and revenge, destroys enemies, causes divorce, helps prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, hinders childbirth and hinders the action of the body. With Moon here, unfortunate for everything except taking medicine.’

On the basis of the ancient Hindu lunar astrology, the chariot of Chandra (the Moon) passes presently through ’Shatabhisha’ Nakshatra. (’the Hundred Physicians’). Its Regent is Varuna, goddess of the waters. It is ruled by the Dragon’s Head (Rahu). ’This is a mutable asterism belonging to the butcher caste and favorable for commencing work of an impermanent or moving character. Those born on the lunar day will be fishermen, washermen, or dealers in wine, fish and birds. With Moon here at birth, the native will be eloquent, harsh in speech, truthful, adventurous, thoughtless, independent, gambler, fond of bad women, murderer of enemies.’ (V. Robson) By other sources, the Moon in ’Shatabhisha’ indicates a person who is highly intuitive, who is great at problem solving, a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary. However, they can also be secretive, reclusive, moody, opinionated and stubborn; and suffer setbacks in relationships as a result. It rules streets and the right thigh.

View attached chartwheel to better understand these above-mentioned Lunar Mansions.

Other chartwheels created using ISE Astrology Software 2014


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