Moon in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale

Moon in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale – 7 July 2014, 18:20:30 EDT

Zuben Elgenubi is a double star pale yellow and light gray (with 3 and 6 vis. magnitude). In fact, the constellation ’Libra’ was not considered a separate asterism by the most of ancient civilisations and was called the ’Claws of Scorpius’.

The unhelpful influence of this star is said to be noticeable especially in natives who were born during the night. A bad omen for health of the native is given if Sun or Moon is in conjunction with the Southern Scale. It has been noted that it is particularly disadvantageous to have Saturn or Neptune tied up with this star. (Now, Saturn is in conjunction with it too.) Moon conjunct Zuben Elgenubi Moon conjunction Saturn horoscope According to Ptolemy and other old writers it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars, and it causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison.

In Conjunction with Moon: ’Trouble through opposite sex, wrongful accusations, disgrace, ruin, mental anxiety, loss of relatives, many disappointments, much sickness, disease in those parts of the body ruled by the sign’. (Vivian Robson)

With Saturn: ’Dishonorable, often escapes justice but finally suffers, jealous, quick-tempered, domestic disharmony, bad for marriage, gain and legacies’. (Vivian Robson)

As you can view on our synoptical chartwheel, Zuben Elgenubi is located in the Arabic Moon Mansion (’manazil’) called ’Al Zubana’. Its traditional influences/indications: ’Hinders journeys and marriage, harvest and merchandise, favorable for redemption of captives.’ (Vivian Robson)

More infos – ISE synoptical astrology software


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