Moon conjunct Lilith – 30th June 2014

On 30th June 2014 at 14:19:46 AM EDT, Moon conjunct Lilith (the lunar Apogee point or the ’Black Moon’) in the tropical Leo. Analogies: dysfunctional emotional expressions, highly intuitive sensing skills, extremities of the unconscious manifestations, lack of self-control; unfavorable for conception and childbirth. Simultaneously, the Moon traverse the 24th chinese lunar mansion – the ’Willow’.

Moon conjuct Lilith 30 June "014

The ’Willow’ mansion (柳宿, pinyin: Liǔ Xiù) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the southern mansions of the Vermilion Bird. Concerning the traditional chinese lunar manson system (Xiu), it governs tears and vegetation. It was considered unfavorable for make decisions or realize a plan. Moon leaves this lunar mansion on July 1st 2014 at 10:35 AM EDT.


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