This night (12 June 2014): ‘Strawberry Moon’ in Ophiuchus

The ‘strawberry’ name comes from the fact that it’s strawberry season, and Algonquin tribes knew this was the time of year to gather them, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It is also known as the Rose Moon and the Hot Moon, according to the almanac.

This month’s moon is also known as a “Honey Moon” because it can have a slightly golden tint. That’s because it appears low in the sky, meaning we are viewing it through the lens of more of the Earth’s atmosphere.

At the moment when the Moon reaches full phase (exact ecliptical opposition to the Sun: 23:32:49 EDT, Washington D. C.) , it will lie at a declination of -19°01′ (ecliptical latitude: 3.35° N) in the constellation Ophiuchus (tropical zodiac: Sagittarius, ’westernized’ chinese tropical zodiac: Rat). It will be visible from all latitudes north of 60°N. Its distance from the Earth will be 365,000 km, visual magnitude approx. -12.8.

Full moon in Ophiucus, Flower Moon 2014

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