Unique Horoscopes of Famous People

Inner Sky Electrum v.2.2 released. Click here for more infos

Some printed / printable Charts

1. Tropical; Sidereal Equal (with an ayanamsha); (with an illustration)

Sting Horoscope

2. Tropical; True Constellation Sectors 1; (with an illustration) 

Carl Gustav Jung horoscope natal

3. Tropical; True Constellation Sectors 2 – MC oriented; (with an illustration) 

Carl Gustave Jung Birth Chart Astrology

4. Tropical; Draconic – Vertex oriented; (with an illustration)

Carl Gustav Jung Astrology Chart radix

5. Tropical; Chinese Tropical – Asc. oriented; (with an illustration) 
(Based on the analogy between the yearly Chinese signs – determined by the
motion of Jupiter – and the western tropical ones)

Adolf Hitler Horoscope

6. Tropical; Oriental Tropical1 – MC oriented; (with an illustration)

Hitler Horoscope

7. Tropical; Oriental Tropical2 – Vertex oriented; (with an illustration)

Adolf Hitler Horoscope Astrology

8. Tropical; Xiu 1 (Starting with Spica) – Vertex oriented; (with an illustration) 

Abraham Lincoln horoscope

9. Tropical; Xiu 2 (Starting with Pleiades) – MC oriented; (with an illustration) 

Abraham Lincoln Birth Chart Astrology

10. Tropical; Si Xiang – Asc. oriented; (with an illustration) 

Abraham Lincoln Natal Chart astrology

11. Tropical; Nakshatra 1 (Starting with Krttika); (with an ayanamsha) ; (with an illustration)

Shri Ramana Maharshi horoscope

12. Tropical; Nakshatra 2 (Starting with Ashvini); (with an illustration)

Sri Ramana Maharshi horoscope

13. Tropical; Sidereal Manazil (with an ayanamsha) ; (with an illustration)

Michael Schumacher horoscope

14. Tropical; Tropical Manazil ; (with an illustration)

Michael Schumacher Birth Chart Astrology

15. Tropical; Draconic Manazil ; (with an illustration)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart horoscope

16. Tropical; ‘Oriental’ Tropical Unequal Lunar Mansions (Scythian) ; (without illustration)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Birth Chart Astrology

17. Tropical; ‘Oriental’ Tropical Equal Lunar Mansions ; (without illustration)

Solar Eclipse Astrology Chart Horoscope

18. Tropical; ‘Oriental’ Draconic Equal Lunar Mansions ; (without illustration)

Lunar Eclipse Astrology Horoscope

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