Earthquake in Japan (25 Oct. 2013) and the Comet ISON

Synoptical Astrology Chart with the position of the Comet ISON

(25 October 2013, Honshu (Japan) 17:11 UTC)

Earthquake 25 October 2013 and Comet ISON

This  Chart was created by Inner Sky Electrum. Click here for more info.

‘The October 25, 2013 M 7.1 earthquake offshore of Honshu, Japan occurred as the result of normal faulting in the shallow oceanic crust of the Pacific plate. The earthquake occurred outboard (east) of the Japan Trench, which marks the seafloor expression of the subduction zone plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates, and is immediately up-dip of the source region of the March 2011 M 9.0 Tohoku earthquake.’


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