Traditional Local Space Astrology

Genius Loci 3.1 is a smart and accurate astrology / astronomy software

calculating between 3500 BC and 3500 AD. It calculates geocentric and topocentric

positions of the planets, angular speed values, apparent magnitudes,

distances from Earth and many more.

Local Space Astrology

Detailed description:

GMT/UT input, TimeZone input, Local (Solar) Mean Time input,

direct input of the Julian Day; dates in Gregorian or Julian Calendar .

‘Timer-on’ function – Timer can follow the Computer System Clock

and the values can be displayed in ‘real-time’- with or without DST.

Positions in Tropical Longitude, Latitude, Right Ascension (JNow),

Declination. Speed values in RA or in Longitude (deg/day); Azimuth and Altitude values.

Elongations. Visual (Apparent) magnitudes of the planets,

Distance from Earth in AU (Astronomical Units).

Moon disk diameter and Moon Phase display.

Charting of the ‘Personal Sensitive Points’ – the Lunar Asc. Node (True and Mean),

the Lunar Apogee (Osculating and Mean Lilith), Asc, MC, ARMC, Vertex,

Equatorial Ascendant. Polar Ascendant, Co-Ascendant.

It can be recommended for those who show interest in scientific astrology

or intend to discover the hidden context of the ‘Celestial Mechanics’

carefully considered by the ancient and medieval astrologers.

Discover the traditional Local Space Astrology.

Of course, this software can be useful for amateur astronomers or ‘stargazers’ too.


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