Do not miss the naked-eye Comet in February and March…

2013 is really ‘The Year of Comets’! Although PANSTARRS C/2011 L4 is not expected to be as brilliant or as prominent as the ‘Great Comet’ called ISON, this rare opportunity to observe a relatively bright comet can be a good ‘warm up act’ for ISON… PANSTARRS C/2011 L4 reaches the theoretical limit of the naked eye visibility probably in the middle of February 2013, but from this time it will become visible to the naked eye only for the observers in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Sky it will be perceptible from the second week of March. Keeping track of its celestial path, PANSTARRS C/2011 L4 Comet Astrology Freeware displays the ecliptical positions in the tropical zodiac as well as the estimated apparent magnitudes, its angular separation from Sun and the values of its distance from Earth.

Panstarrs L4 - naked-eye comet in February and March


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