Local Space Astrology – new freeware to download

A new astrology tool (or/and astronomy program) from DilmunMworx, author of innovative astrology softwares like Inner Sky Electrum.

The author wrote:

The consideration of the Planets in the ‘Toposphaera’ – or as we call it nowadays:
horizontal coordinate system  – was important part of the
ancient astrological approach to the celestial phenomena.
Genius Loci 1.0 is an innovative software displaying Azimuth and Altitude
(mathematical and refracted) values simultaneously with the Tropical Longitudes of 
Planets, Asc., MC and Vertex, calculating between 1000 AD and 3000 AD,
both Geocentric and Topocentric planetary positions,
in different time frames, with easily adjustable geo coordinates.
It can be recommended for those who show interest in scientific astrology
or intend to discover the hidden context of the ‘Celestial Mechanics’
carefully considered by the ancient and medieval astrologers.
Of course, this software can be useful for amateur astronomers  or ‘stargazers’ too.

It is free, you can download from here, or from Softpedia.

Genius Loci Astrology Software Astronomy Software displaying Azimuth and Altitude values

Local Space Astrology basing on the horizontal coordinate system.

Enjoy using Genius Loci 1.0!


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