Pisces star sign and the Egyptian Zodiacs

Inner Sky Electrum Synoptical Astrology Software can display not only the known Mediaval Star Maps (Hevelius, Grotius, Dürer etc.), but it can consider the Egyptian Zodiacs, the Esna, Athribis and Denderah (Dendera) Zodiacs too. In this short blog entry I will present the Egyptian depictions of the Fish (Pisces) star sign (or/and stellar constellation), displaying of course by ISE astrology software; comparing them with the well-known European illustration(s) may be instructive for us.


The depiction of the Athribis Zodiac is vertically arranged and it visualize the motion of the northern and southern Fish in opposite directions.

In the Esna Zodiac the two Fish are within an other context, at the same level, even the ’thread’ appears, but connecting the mouths (thus evoking the ’fishing’ symbolism).

In the case of the Dendera Zodiac, the ’thread’ is putting in its ’proper place’ (as we know nowadays), it is fixed to the fish’s tails, and the peak of the pointed angle appearing below involves ’The Knot of Heaven, the fixed star named alpha Piscium (al Rescha). What is so special about this illustration, is that the presence of a pictogram with quadratic contour between the two fish bodies, which emphasizes the presence of the humid and fluidic quality. This pictogram represents probably the Great Square of Pegasus (of course, in the reality, it is above the Pisces), and the stars that make up this square are Scheat, Alpheratz, Markab and Algenib.


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